Mum tricks perv into sending snap of cheese on his nipples after he begged for her smelly shoes

A MUM turned the tables on a pervert who wanted to buy her smelly shoes – by getting him to send her a picture with cheese balanced on his nipples.

Rebecca Stovin shared the unsettling image online before blocking the weirdo on Twitter.




The 18-year-old from Sheffield got an unsolicited private message from Twitter user named Ryan Brown who offered to pay £10 for any “well worn smelly stinky shoes or slippers”.

Rebecca and her partner decided to play along with the filthy fetishist and got him to sent the compromising snap.

Rebecca shared a series of screenshots of their conversations on Twitter with the caption: “I am honestly crying.”

The messages being with Ryan asking “Alright, how’s you? Have you got any well worn smelly stinky shoes or slippers you want to sell hun?”





Mum-of-one Rebecca replies that she does and Ryan offers her £10 for the shoes.

She then seizes the moment, offering: “I’ll send them for free if you do something for me?”

When he asks what, she said: “Balance cubes of cheese on your nipples and send me a pic.”

Baffled Ryan replies: “How can I do that? It won’t balance, will just sit on my t*t?”





On social media, Jac_O’Neill said: “Sweet mother of Christ.”

Betting_is_cool commented: “That is brilliant. Well played.”

-kellybelly added: “I can’t believe he actually did it.”

Ruan Coetzee wrote: “Damn you sure played him good.”




While Erin said: “Omg that guy messaged me too. Such a freak telling me he’s gonna stick his c** in my slippers.”

And Danny joked: “Ffs, people frighten me.”