Samsung vape battery ‘explodes into flames and burns mother’s scalp during car journey’

Hannah Clarke said the explosion flicked melting plastic and battery acid through the car after the terrifying bang

A MUM was left screaming “I’m on fire” after she claims a vape battery exploded in her partner’s car.

Hannah Clarke said the car was filled with “smoke and flames” after the explosion, with the mum’s hair scorched in the blaze.

The 25-year-old had been in the car with her partner Richard Jolley, 27, this morning when they heard a bang.

Hannah immediately turned her head to see what was happened – and was horrified.


Speaking to the Sun Online, Hannah said: “I turned my head to see what it was, and all I could see was smokes and flames.

“My partner just screamed, ‘get out of the car’.”

The mum, from Essex, said that as the car slowed to a halt, she bent to unbuckle her seat belt there was another explosion, which flicked melted plastic and battery acid through the car.

Hannah said: “The flames and smoke got thrown forward.



“I was bent down, trying to unclip my belt and it set my hair alight.

“I jumped out of the car and I was patting myself down, screaming ‘I’m on fire, I’m on fire’.”

She said her partner bravely yanked out the burning bag containing the Samsung 25R 18650 batteries – which were stored separately in plastic cases in a zip up bag – out of the car to get it away from the petrol.

She says he has been left with scorch marks on his hands, while Hannah has a sore scalp, with the couple both planning on visiting the doctor’s later today.



But Hannah said it could have been worse as her three-year-old son, who normally sits in the back, wasn’t in the car at the time.

She said: “He’s normally with me 24/7 but he was staying at his aunty’s that night.

“He’s normally in his seat – he would have been on fire.”



She had been driving with her partner along Oakwood Hill Road in Debden, Essex, about 7.30am today when the incident unfolded.