This is how to shave your legs without getting red dots and bumps before you apply fake tan

BEAUTY experts recommend shaving your legs one night and fake tanning them another to avoid unsightly blotches.

But if you don’t want to wait until the next day (because who really has the time?) this is how you can shave and tan in one night – and avoid those horrible red dots…



Most of us don’t have the time to wait before tanning, and rely on the frantic swipe of the mitt before bed.

This often means we are left with pesky brown dots when the product has settled into our freshly-shaven pores.

Now, self-tanning guru James Read has revealed how to get rid of those annoying spots once and for all.

He recommends grabbing a packet of frozen peas and running them down your legs before applying your St Tropez.

He told Byrdie: “This will seal the pores in your legs, so you don’t end up with those annoying dots after self-tanning.”


Why do you get red bumps after shaving?
We previously revealed that leaving your razor in the shower exposes the blades to bacteria and can cause little red bumps on your skin.

Old razors can pick up soap and small hairs that allow the unwanted bacteria to grow.

The easiest solution? Replace your razor frequently, which can help stop the spread of bacteria.

If you haven’t got a new razor to hand, try cleansing your skin and the blades with soapy water before shaving to get rid of any dirt and dead skin.

Those who are unfortunate enough to get a shaving rash should place a warm towel on their legs to help calm the redness and reduce the appearance of the bumps.


That’s because the heat helps to kill the bacteria.

Wearing cotton clothing that allows the skin to breathe stops bacteria from growing, too.

If you are willing to put yourself through the pain, waxing is a more hygienic form of hair removal.

Hair removal creams are a quick, pain-free fix or you can even try exfoliating hair removal pads.